The Autumn Ricosta range is looking better than ever this year. Bestselling boy’s shoe, Ricosta Nippy returns in three choices of colour. Nippy is available in navy blue, royal blue and, as a new option, marone brown. All Nippy’s from the autumn range come with the darker grey colour toe cap. Nippy is available in sizes EU22 (UK5.5) to EU28 (UK10).Ricosta children's shoes

So the girls don’t miss out we also have Niddy, which provides the same excellent fit, and is available in the same size run, as Nippy but comes with a black patent toe cap and the above stylish print, which also matches the Sanji waterproof boot, available in sizes EU20 (UK4) to EU26 (UK8.5). We also have Ricosta Winsy returning, with a choice between the ever popular black patent or the colourful option in purple patent. This buckle fastening T-Bar is a handy option for stopping little girls who delight in pulling Velcro shoes off and is available in sizes EU18 (UK2) to EU24 (UK7).

Bobux lightweight styles are becoming more and more popular as customers come to appreciate that they provide children with the best choice in comfortable, lightweight footwear and also give your little one’s feet the freedom to grow. The new season range builds on this growing demand with a mixture of brand new and repeat favourite styles. Bobux Little LumberjackBoy’s boot Little Lumberjack, from the Bobux I-Walk range comes in chocolate brown and navy blue in sizes EU23 (UK6) to EU29 (UK11) and there are similar coloured boots from the smaller sized Step Up styles called Tumble Tom. Little boy’s shoe Vintage Voyager complements the look of these boots in chocolate brown. This style and the Tumble Tom boots are available in sizes EU18 (UK2) to EU22 (UK5.5). There are dark pink T-bar shoes available for the girls with the delightfully named Delicate Dandelion as well as popular Wild Flower style in both deep navy blue and pompei red. The Wild Flower blue shoe is complemented by matching boot style Aztec Rose. We have both boots and shoes available from the Bobux Step Up and the Bobux I-Walk range.

Geox Crissy black patent girls bootsThere are literally highlights in the Geox trainers’ styles as the boys’ trainers Android (EU26 to EU34) are designed with a racing car feel to them and changeable lights that flash when your child walks! Geox Crissy black patent boots will prove popular amongst girls and has a brogue style design across the front of the boots. Crissy is available from an EU27 (UK infant 9) to EU34 (UK junior 2).

Primigi, Superfit, Froddo and Lelli Kelly
There are plenty of choice of boots, shoes and trainers from more of your favourite brands.
Girls Primigi Ariel has a fantastic star pattern design and has a side zip opening and lace fastening to achieve the best fit possible. Primigi Aspy is a popular boys’ style that returns and is also available as Jacob with Gore-Tex waterproof lining. Gore-Tex waterproof trainers and boots can be found across both the Superfit and Primigi ranges. Froddo provide both boys and girls boots with chunky toe bumper protection. Lelli Kelly have elegant black patent boots available from EU22 (UK infant 5.5) to EU37 (UK senior 4)

School Shoes
Little Wanderers keep a full selection of school shoes available throughout the year. We maintain a large range from our core school shoe suppliers, Hush Puppies; Ricosta; Lelli Kelly and Geox at any time of the school calendar.

WellingtonsChipmunks kids wellies
Don’t worry too much if it’s wet this autumn as these fun and colourful Chipmunks wellies will keep your child’s feet warm and dry. These Chipmunks wellingtons come with child friendly handles to make pulling them on and off as easy as possible. Available in sizes UK4 to UK12.

New member of Staff
We are pleased to announce that Alicia has joined us as a new member of the team. Alicia started during the summer and will work in the shop on Saturdays.