Today marks the start of what should be National Shoe Fitting Week. National Shoe Fitting WeekWe should be shouting out to the world about the importance of having shoes fitted correctly by experienced professionals, we should be inviting all children to come and have their shoes checked and feet measured and handing out free gifts, balloons, chocolates and colouring sheets. We can’t do any of that at present. We can’t fit shoes. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still help.

At this strange moment in time getting new shoes is top of no one’s list of priorities but there does still come a time when your child will genuinely need new footwear. So what do you do then?

Well there currently is no option but to buy online. But who should you buy from and what size and style should you get?

Normally we would recommend visiting your local (if you have one) independent shoe retailer and that advice doesn’t change now. Contact your local independent to see if they are still trading online. They will have a wealth of experience and knowledge and will probably be happy to help with any number of questions you may have. If you’re a regular in store customer they may well remember your child’s feet or have a record of previous purchases that will help to guide you in your next footwear choice.

In terms of what size or style you want it will help if you can narrow down the options as best you can. There are lots of foot measuring advice that can be found online, and if you have had a preferred brand then check out their website for advice on sizing. You can have a lot of fun drawing around you kids’ feet and measuring but remember kids tend to move a lot and the process can be tricky. Use some common sense as well. If your child is currently wearing UK10/EU28 then it’s unlikely (although not impossible) that they will need anything longer than a UK11/EU29. Also does your child need new shoes now or can they wait a few weeks? If you can, remove the footbed from the shoe and you can probably see marks which should indicate if the foot is right at the end of the shoe or if there is still some room left for growth. 

If you do need new shoes then, it may sound a bit boring, but if you’ve been happy with a particular style then you may be best having the next size up. Styles like Ricosta Nippy and Geox Android have been produced for years but are refreshed each season in new patterns and shades. So why not try a new colour in a bigger size?

When it comes to ordering don’t buy more than you think you need in a scatter gun approach to try and ensure you get one pair correct. If you can, speak to the retailer or send emails/messages. Together you can try and work out the right options and limit your choice. It’s best to try and get it right first time and limit the amount of returns you have to make.

Over the coming weeks, where possible, kids will benefit from getting out of the house to burn off some energy. Whether it's in the garden or getting some exercise around the block it's best that they do it in shoes that fit. So, if you need help, then give us or another children's footwear specialist a call or an email. We're happy to pass on our years of professional experience and give you as much advice as we can.