National Shoe Fitting Week 2019
The Society of Shoe Fitters has announced that National Shoe Fitting Week will start this year on Friday April 12th 2019 with the message of “You get so much more when you buy instore”. The SSF, which operates on a charity basis, wants to raise national awareness of the importance of well-fitting footwear and the vital service independent shoe retailers, like Little Wanderers on Tonge Moor Road in Bolton, provide to the public.
National Shoe Fitting Week posterHere at Little Wanderers we want to make sure that every family understands the importance of having properly fitting shoes right through to adult hood as the bone structure of the foot is not fully developed until the age of 18. We will gladly provide a free fitting check on any shoes that your child is wearing and advise you if new shoes are required or if some fitting adjustment may make a better fit. We offer a free professional measuring service and our trained staff will expertly fit their feet from our wide range of styles to ensure that your child has the best possible fitting pair of shoes.
This level of service we believe is the minimum you should expect from anyone selling children’s shoes. We understand that times are hard and it is tempting to think about buying online at a discount, handing down shoes, or buying off the shelf from supermarkets but when you think of the damage you could be doing to a young foot please be careful when choosing this method for an everyday pair of shoes.
Our staff can advise on the best styles for children with special footwear needs such as those with diabetes, requiring orthotic insoles, hypermobility, or just a very wide or narrow foot. The foot gauge is just the starting point and every brand who provides a foot gauge may measure slightly differently. Our staff will assess the foot for depth and arch height and together with the size measurement will select the best shoes for your child.
So this National Shoe Fitting week please help usLittle Wanderers at Little Wanderers to pass on the message to your friends and relatives that do not know of the excellent service that we provide, that our feet are precious and you will get so much more when you buy in store.