At Little Wanderers we have been testing out the latest range of products to revive your children’s shoes. Ideal at this time of year, for use on school shoes, when there are not too many weeks left of the school term.

Starting with patent shoes, they look lovely when first purchased but what is the best way to keep them looking new? WhenWoly Lack Liquid Patent a patent leather loses its shine the best thing we have found is the Woly lack liquid patent. You apply this to the shoe and then polish with a soft cloth. This removes the dirt and nourishes the finish to bring back the shine. The Woly lack liquid patent is available in neutral and is suitable for leather and plastic patents.

If your patent shoes have seen a bit more wear and have started to crack then you might be in need of the Cherry Blossom patent leather restorer (only currently available in store). Think of it as a nail varnish for shoes! Only available in black, apply in thin coats to areas where the patent has peeled and you will be left with a pair of shoes ready to see out the school term in style.

As a test I have taken a very battered pair of patent shoes that were left in our shoe recycling bin and just using these two products have brought the shoes back to life. Starting with a clean, with the Woly lack patent to bring back the shine, and three thin coats of Cherry Blossom patent restorer, leaving about an hour between coats, to fill the gap at the toes where the patent had cracked and peeled.School Shoes restored with Cherry Blossom Patent Restorer By spending less than £10 and a bit of time these shoes are in a much better condition and are good enough to go back to school in and to easily get through the last few weeks of term.

Black leather school shoes can be a little bit easier to keep looking new. The products vary depending on the level of effort you want to put in but the theory is the same. Smooth leather is a natural product and over time it can dry out and get faded in the sun and rain, just as our skin does if not looked after.

If the toes of your children’s shoes are not too scuffed then a quick clean, with Cherry Blossom universal cleaner (only currently available in store), and a conditioning, with Cherry Blossom Eco smooth leather cream, is all that is needed. The cleaner is a foam spray and can get a bit messy so be warned. Spray onto the shoes and gently work into the leather as this loosens the dirt. Then rinse with a damp cloth or gently under a tap and then leave to dry. Once dry apply the leather cream using the applicator supplied and once dry, (normally once I have applied it to the second shoe the first is dry) buff with a soft cloth.

If the top of the leather is damaged and the leather has lost its colour then we have various options of black polish. For a Cherry Blossom Scuff Cover Blackquick and easy option we have the Cherry Blossom scuff cover, apply on the shoe with the sponge application to the affected areas and leave to dry. The polish will self-shine. Perfect for applying last thing on a Sunday night (or even the following morning) and you can go to school on Monday with clean shiny shoes.

For those prepared to put in a bit more work, we have the Woly wax colour classic in black and the Cherry Blossom Renovating cream. Both of these products have a high level of pigment and are perfect for covering deep scuffs and scrapes. Clean the shoes as before with Cherry Blossom Universal Cleaner, apply the polish and leave to dry, (again normally as I have applied it to the last shoe the first one is dry). Polish to a shine with a soft cloth or brush.

You can further protect leather shoes with Woly protector spray or Cherry Blossom protector and this will keep the shoes cleaner for longer. Protector sprays are currently only available in store.