Here at Little Wanderers we want to make sure we get things right. All of our customers are truly valued so we want you to tell us what you really think about our products and us. All information whether it's good or bad is really useful to us to help us improve the products we sell and our customer service.

Here are two easy ways that you can do this.

1) Leave us a product review on our website.
Once you have received your shoes from us simply log back into your account, select the item you bought then click on either "Be the first to review this product" or "Add your review" depending on whether any reviews have been left about this product before. These links are underneath the price at the top of the item. Then all you do is give the product a rating out of 5 and put any comments you think are helpful, both to us and other customers, and then submit your review.

2) Review us on other peoples website.
We hope you get great service and great shoes when you buy from Little Wanderers and, if you do, we want you to tell the world about us. Here are some links to other websites where you can leave a review about us:-

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