If you are the parent, who for years has walked into your local shoe shop and said “I need playground proof school shoes please” then you have probably gone away happy with a pair of nearly indestructible Geox Savage school shoes or similar. Now that your child is heading into the big new world of secondary school, they are needing smart black shoes. So, these tops tips are for you.

Firstly styles to consider
Switching from “trainer style” school shoes to a more formal shoe can be hard, especially if they have also been in trainers all summer. Discuss the expectations with your child so they understand that the choice will be different and the feel of the shoes initially will be strange. There might be a lot more walking to do in these shoes so fit and comfort has to take priority over looks. The plus side is that there should be no more sitting on the floor, where rough carpets have been known to damage the shoes, or playground climbing frames for smart shoes to contend with.

The shoe styles will fall into 3 categories:
Smart/Casual styles, such as a skater style, like Froddo Morgan G4130059. These are full leather so most schools will allow this choice, but it might be best to check.
Smart styles with plenty of cushioning and a rounder toe. Styles such as the Ricosta Harry, which is also available in a Velcro called William, or the Start-Rite Isaac.
Formal styles, these may have a square or pointy toe box and could even have brogue detailing. Styles such as the Term Vinny, Term Tyson or the Hush Puppies Brace would fall into these categories. These styles can look long as, to incorporate the design, the shoe is longer at the toe.

After you have selected a good fitting style the best way to keep them looking like new is to polish and protect them. Applying a coat of polish before wear will add an extra layer to the leather and any playground scrapes will occur initially on the polish rather than the leather. There are various products available depending on how much effort you want to put in. From self-shine options Cherry Blossom scuff cover, that are quick to apply but may be needed more frequently, to high pigment wax polishes like the Cherry Blossom Renovating Polish that will take longer to apply but last longer on the shoes. A polish with a high colour pigment will cover most scuffs and can dye deep scrapes. A good coating with a spray protector will also help keep the dirt away and give an extra waterproof layer to the shoes for wet days waiting at bus stops.

A good quality leather shoe will last as long as it is looked after, with a monthly polish and protect. With a pair of slow growing feet, you may even find that one pair is all you need to last the whole school year.
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