We are currently adhering to the government guidelines for “Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance from Step 4. Shops, branches and close contact service”. This will mean that the shop will continue to look different from how we would ideally like it to be. We will be maintaining pre-existing Covid-19 risk assessment measures and implementing some new procedures. We will be reviewing our policy in mid-September, once the schools have returned, but the following procedures will remain in place until we advise differently.

Entry is strictly by appointment only. Please do not arrive without an appointment as you may not be seen.
• Please ensure that you are punctual for your appointment. If you arrive more than 5 minutes early then please either wait in your car, if this is how you arrived, or outside.
• There may be another family having an appointment when you are present. We will schedule smaller groups when more than one appointment takes place, to ensure the shop does not become crowded. If you do not want to share an appointment with another family/group then please let us know when you book your appointment.
• If you believe that you may be late for an appointment then please telephone to let us know as we may have to rearrange. If you are late then we may not have time to see you. We will advise on your arrival but you will be required to leave when we advise, whether or not you feel you’ve finished.

Please telephone 01204 522533 to arrange an appointment. It is important that we speak to you to have a full understanding of your requirements so that we can allocate you an appropriate appointment time.
• Firstly we need to know how many children require fitting as this is the biggest factor affecting appointment times.
• Consider reviewing our range online prior to booking an appointment. This will help you understand and narrow down the options we have. If an item you want is not currently in stock then ask if we can acquire it before booking an appointment.
• We also need to ensure that you are happy for us to keep hold of your contact details for 21 days after your appointment. This is in the event that we have to pass this information on as part of the Government’s test and trace system. This is not a legal requirement, and appointments will not be refused if you don’t want to give us this information, but the guidance requests that we still ask for it.

If possible please only bring the children that require measuring and fitting to the appointment. Adults need to be responsible for their children at all times. While we would prefer that only one adult attend each appointment it is important that all children adhere to all relevant rules. Therefore if more than one adult is required to ensure this then that is acceptable.
• We have removed all our toys and books that are usually available to keep children entertained.

If you or any member of your household is required to self-isolate, or develops any Covid-19 symptoms, please cancel your appointment and rearrange at a later date.
• Little Wanderers is a family business and if we have to self-isolate then the shop will have to close, and all further appointments cancelled, for the duration period.
• Fitting will remain behind a Perspex screen. When not being fitted please keep a respectful distance inside the shop.

Hand sanitizer will be provided for all customers to use if they wish to.
• Customers take full responsibility for using any sanitizer at Little Wanderers. Use of sanitizer is not a prerequisite for our services.

Please bring socks. No child will be allowed to get their feet measured, or to try on any footwear, without socks on. We will provide socks if you forget them.
• It is also essential that if your child requires any form of Orthotic insole that you bring this with you.

The shop will be divided into clearly defined zones to help minimise potential contact with any collections or deliveries. Please ensure that you or your children do not enter a zone that we have requested you not to. There will be no access to our toilets for customers. Please ensure you go before you arrive.

We have replaced many of our display items but request that these are not touched. If you wish to have a closer look at an item please ask a member of staff before picking it up.
• We no longer have a shoe recycling facility and no longer offer this service. Please take any old shoes, as well as ensuring you have all your belongings, before you leave. If you leave anything behind please telephone us to arrange a suitable time for collection. Please do not arrive back at the shop to pick anything up anything left behind.

It is no longer a legal requirement, as of the 19th July 2021, that face coverings are required in the shop. Since we are only open to customers by appointment, the shop should not become crowded. Windows are open to ventilate the area. Therefore customers are free to decide if they wish to wear a face covering or not. Measuring and fitting will still take place behind a Perspex screen that will only allow access to your child’s feet. Your child will be requested not to touch the shoes with their hands. We, as shop workers, are not required to wear face coverings but may still choose to do so. We are happy to wear them if it would make you and/or your children feel more comfortable.

We will actively be reducing the choice of shoes we initially present, where applicable. If you require more options or we need to show more footwear, for fitting purposes, then we will do so.
• We need to limit appointment times. It is our aim that, by listening to customer requirements at the appointment booking stage and when they arrive, combined with accurate and experienced measuring and fitting knowledge, we will be able to offer the best choices, even with limited options.

Although we hope to be able to offer styles that fit and that your child will want, you are under no obligation to buy. If you do not want what we have then please do not feel under any pressure to purchase because you have gone through the appointment process.

We will continue to accept payment by cash and credit cards. We suggest paying by contactless credit card if the transaction falls inside this threshold.
• We know that Grandparents often purchase shoes and, at present, they may not be able to attend. We will not be able to accept payment from them, or anyone else, over the telephone for in shop purchases.

We will still accept the Little Wanderers Loyalty Card but we will not take the card from you to process. We will ask for your name or number and process the loyalty part of the transaction ourselves.

We have currently suspended our first shoes photos.
• Customers are still welcome to take their own pictures provided that they are committed to purchasing the shoes and that there is sufficient appointment time remaining.

If you subsequently decide that you would like to return your purchase, in line with your statutory rights, then you must telephone and go through the appointment procedure again, even if you just want a quick refund.

While we will ensure that there are no more than a minimal amount of customers present during your appointment it is possible other couriers or postal workers may enter the shop. If this happens then they will be instructed to remain in a specific zone allocated for deliveries/collections and they should maintain an acceptable social distance.
• We will be scheduling all appointments to minimise the possibility of this happening. We already have a specific Royal Mail collection time and we will also be instructing all our suppliers to give us as much detail as possible about when deliveries are due, so we can try and schedule around appointments. However, we cannot guarantee deliveries will not take place during normal working hour’s appointments. If you have specific requirements, that mean you do not wish this to happen, then please advise at the appointment booking stage and we will discuss the procedures we have in place and see if we can offer alternative arrangements.