When is the best time to buy school shoes before the start of the new school year?

Over the last few weeks this is a question that we have been asked the most. It is always a worry for parents, their child is about to start school for the first time. They have heard that it will be busy in shoe shops, but they don’t want to buy too early, and yet also they want as much choice as possible. So at Little Wanderers we know that there is no right or wrong answer but we would offer the following suggestions.

By the time the schools finish we will have our full range in stock. Feel free to call in a see it or check it out online. We do not intend to run out of stock and, if you turn up the day before school starts in September we will always be able to supply something for your child to go back to school in, but it may not be your first choice.

So, when is the best time to buy your child’s school shoes? If you are after something specific from our range there are certain styles and sizes that maybe limited in quantity. These styles include our increasingly popular girls’ enclosed double Velcro styles; larger Lelli Kelly sizes or, for the boys, our smarter boys’ Primigi Bailey or lace styles. If these are your preferred styles of school shoes then buy early. Likewise, if your child has to wear orthotics in their shoes, or has a very wide / narrow foot and you know that only certain styles will suit them then buying early will give you the best chance to get the styles you need. If we need to create a special order with our suppliers then it can take up to 10 days for delivery so this needs to be factored in as well (it will probably be quicker but better safe than sorry). 

Buying early doesn’t necessarily mean that your child will outgrow their new school shoes sooner into the school year. We will always be aware, when fitting, that your child will not be wearing their school shoes until September and we want you to buy with confidence at Little Wanderers. So if you bring your child and their new school shoes back into the shop, before they go back to school in September, we will happily recheck the shoes. If, at this stage, we believe that your child would be better off with next size up then we will exchange them from our remaining stock.

So how late can you leave buying school shoes? The last two weeks of the school holidays is the most popular and will be busy. If you want to leave it until then please make sure that you leave yourself enough time as you may have to wait to be served, as well as allowing time for us to serve your family. We will never turn anyone away or feel the need to rush at the end of the day, as long as you are in store before 5.30pm we will stay open until you have been served.

Make sure you remember your child’s school socks (many children walk in wearing their sandals and no socks) your Little Wanderers loyalty card and, if you want us to check them, your child’s previous school shoes. We won’t sell you another pair of school shoes if you don’t need them and, you never know, a good polish might be all they need for another half term in them!

So when is the best time to come? Whenever suits you best. We will be ready and available to ensure that your child is going back to school in the best fitting school shoes we have.